Dunaway offers a unique summer internship experience that has two distinct program offerings with both a rotation and focused opportunity designed to meet the needs of every student.  For the younger student, the rotational internship experience offers an opportunity to be involved in all the various departments of our organization. The focused internship allows the student to work with a specific department and gain valuable practical experience in a specific discipline.

With both program offerings, interns work in a team focused environment with experienced EIT’s, project engineers, GIS professionals and planners and landscape architects.  Interns receive hands-on experience in all phases of a project and are able to learn what a day in the life of a busy consulting professional is like.  Many interns have received job offers upon graduation and enjoy all the benefits that come along with a full-time position at Dunaway.

Interns also participate in many fun events scheduled throughout the summer to experience the culture at Dunaway. From our annual Burgers and Brew event to making meals for 10,000 hungry children, our interns experience all Dunaway has to offer!

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Nathan Fox

Austin Structural Intern (Texas A&M University Student)


My time at Dunaway as a summer intern in Austin was awesome! Dunaway is a vibrant company not afraid of new ideas and methods of solving engineering problems. Everyone truly works and lives by the core values. Company leaders care about the employees and foster a friendly, creative work environment. From my first day, everyone was friendly and willing to help with any questions I had. Rather than being assigned simple “intern” tasks, I was treated like any other employee and given a project to take from the start to finish. In three short months, I helped design buildings all over the United States and in almost every structural material possible. The best part about Dunaway…I’m working there after graduation!

Robert Wood

GIS Intern (TCU Student)


Working at Dunaway was a rock solid experience! The knowledge and skills I gained from the people I worked with are unmatched by anything from a classroom.

Tanner Underwood

Public Sector Intern (UTA Student)


My internship with Dunaway provided valuable experience and a strong foundation for my future career.

Laura Nedderman

Site Development/Retail/Public Sector/Land Development Rotating Intern (UTA Student)


Dunaway’s employees mirror the company’s core values. From the directors to the EITs, I felt comfortable asking questions. People wanted me to succeed.

Ryan Mitchell

GIS Intern (TCU Student)


I highly enjoyed my time here at Dunaway. The environment was very welcoming. I felt like I was a part of something that was very real and that people were proud of. A great learning experience, and a comfortable environment that pushes you to develop yourself in many positive ways.

Audra Ripley

Site Development/Retail/Public Sector/Land Development Rotating Intern (Purdue University Student)


Dunaway’s internship program earns five out of five stars! The company is honorable and professional, yet provides a comfortable and fun setting to work in. Fort Worth as a city/region allows the company to grow stronger with every project, milestone and achievement. I learned so much in nine short weeks, and I highly recommend the program to any civil engineering student.

Eric Woolsey

Environmental Intern (Texas A&M University Student)


I believe an internship is an eye-opening, must-have experience. My summer internship with Dunaway provided me with a glimpse into the daily tasks of an environmental consultant. I had great exposure to various projects, clients, and working environments and hope that these will help me in my future career path.

Danny Villalpando

Site Development/Retail/Public Sector/Land Development Rotating Intern (UTA Student)


Dunaway’s internship program provided valuable experience that engineers need to become successful. The program enhanced my knowledge in transportation, water resources engineering, and site and land development. If you want to improve your technical or leadership skills, then Dunaway is the way to go!

Riza Pradhan

Planning + Landscape Architecture Intern (UTA Student)


First time working out of university in the U.S. Eye opening experience. Definitely helped me plan ahead. Made me more familiar with the office environment.